Granting access I making amendments

Your request for access will normally be processed within

30 days of its receipt. The Clinical Operations Manager will arrange for you to view your records and photocopy documents if required. If, following your review, you consider the personal information requires correction or amendment, the Clinical Operations Manager may make arrangements

for alterations to be made or noted. If we do not believe

an amendment is necessary, you may insert an addendum

(noting your comments) into the record.

Withdrawing consent

If you have provided your consent to release information to other parties and would like to withdraw this consent, please contact us.

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The Murdoch Surgicentre is a Smoke Free Environment.




Murdoch Surgicentre is committed to ensuring your personal information is professionally managed in accordance with

the Privacy Act 1988 and all relevant State legislation (Privacy


The Privacy Act 1988 contains the National Privacy Principles which, in conjunction with other Privacy Legislation,sets the standards for the way Murdoch Surgicentre handles personal information.
This guide sets out how we collect, use and disclose certain types of personal information obtained from or about you;

how we keep that information secure; and how you can obtain

access to that information. ·

What we may do with information collected

Clinical care

Primarily,your personal information is collected by us to ensure you receive quality health services whilst under our care. Accordingly, this information may need to be shared among members of your treating team. Where necessary, your personal information may be disclosed to other health care providers, such as your general practitioner and such disclosure may be by fax or email.

Monitoring quality and satisfaction

In addition, aspects of the personal information we collect may be used to monitor the quality of care we provide, the appropriateness and effectiveness of our services and the level of your satisfaction with our services. As a result, we,

or someone we authorise, may contact you in the future to request your feedback on our services.

Data required by law

We have legal and contractual obligations to provide information to various entities, including:

State Health Departments (all patients and all notifiable diseases)

Private Hospitals Data Bureau (admitted patients)

Registrar General's Office (deaths)

Private health insurers

More information regarding these obligations is available on request.

Business management

From time to time we may need to use or disclose aspects of your personal information for administrative purposes, such as accreditation and evaluation, quality assurance activities and liaising with your doctors or our insurers, lawyers or other advisers in the ordinary course of managing our business. For example, your medical record may be subpoenaed or you may have given permission to your solicitor or insurer to access your medical record.


For billing purposes we may, from time to time, share relevant aspects of your personal information with third parties such as your other health care providers, Medicare, your private health insurance fund and if necessary, outside collection agencies.

Keeping your information confidential

Apart from the uses listed in this brochure or otherwise permitted under Privacy Legislation, using or disclosing your personal information will only be done with your consent. Information will be disposed of confidentially, in line with accepted document disposal schedules. If you have concerns about the use or disclosure of any of your information, please contact us (see overleaf).

Applying for access

If you wish to access your personal information, you should request access by contacting the Clinical Operations Manager. You may wish to complete and lodge an application form, which is available on request. Whilst Murdoch Surgicentre does not charge an application fee, you may be charged administration, photocopying or counter fees.

Your rights to access

Under the Privacy Act 1988, you generally have the right to access personal information held about you. This includes information we store electronically or in printed format.